I found yoga (or maybe it found me) later in life. Dealing with autoimmune diseases and chronic pain, I found that a personal yoga practice helped me move my body in a safe and thoughtful way. After some life changing events that were both a mental and physical shock to the body and soul, I found my yoga practice to be an essential part of my recovery. I contribute much of my personal healing to a consistent practice and the yoga community along the way. 

My love for yoga and desire to share my experience eventually led to teacher training. After earning my 200 hour teacher training in 2016 with Gioconda Parker in Austin, Texas, I began teaching. In 2019, I earned an additional 300 hours of advanced teacher training with Gioconda. I am certified with Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 500 teacher. Gioconda and the teachers she introduced me to in my training have been an incredible influence in the way I teach and live my life. In 2021, I opened a studio in Austin, Texas where I teach classes both in person and online. 

My desire for anyone that joins me in a yoga practice is to feel comfortable, welcomed and included. Whether you are a first time yogi, a seasoned yogi, or even one coming back from a hiatus, I want you to feel safe, accepted, loved and nurtured. I feel yoga is catered to what you need in that particular moment. I teach a “gentle” style yoga class that combines movement, breath, awareness and mobility. It is within this space, I invite you to explore your body and its boundaries, know that age is not a barrier, and believe that your body can achieve its reality of flexibility, strength and refinement. I welcome anyone seeking more for themselves…a way to bring yoga into their everyday life. I want to give back what I have been so graciously given with my personal practice…hope.

My personal life is full of loving friends and family. I have 2 grown sons who I am so very proud of. I am a born and raised Texas girl living in Austin, TX. Join me from my home or at the studio. YOU are always welcome.

testimonials from some of my students....

For years I took in-person yoga classes several times a week, after discovering that yoga was something I could do, even though I am not athletically inclined.  When Covid forced us to shelter-in-place, online yoga classes helped me cope by adding structure to my days when there was nowhere to go and virtually nothing to do outside.  And even now with social distancing, the classes continue to make my life better.   I’m able to exercise and move my body when I can’t get outside or the weather is too hot.  The classes calm my mind and divert my attention away from negative thoughts.   And last, but not least, with Shanin’ I feel like I’m spending time with a sweet and funny friend.  Yoga has definitely made my life better.

- Arlene
Austin, Texas
Doing yoga with Shanin’ since March 2020 makes me feel good! Everyday! Her expertise in guiding us through a variety of poses addresses all parts of our bodies and minds. I breath. I’m more flexible. I find myself stretching better when gardening and daily routines. Doing yoga 5 days a week gives me something to look forward to every day! What a gift to connect to Austin from Oklahoma!  I’m so happy to have a yoga practice in my life, especially in these Covid times. Shanin’ is a jewel! She cares about each of us and enjoys teaching. It’s fun! Daily I wake up with a smile and deep breath, and first thing I think is, “What time is yoga today?”

-Becky Feldman-Standridge
Norman, Oklahoma
Two years ago, I decided to try yoga in an attempt to deal with chronic lower back pain. I gratefully landed in a class led by Shanin’ at Studio Mantra. Although I felt a little anxious about having no yoga experience whatsoever, Shanin’ made me feel confident and at ease immediately. Shanin' is knowledgable. She is an encourager. And I can one hundred percent say, I am still practicing yoga today because of her attentiveness, her friendliness and the incredibly loving environment she creates in her class. She will not only teach you about yoga, she’ll gently train you to listen to and care for your body. I am indebted to Shanin’ for helping me feel comfortable in class which led to an ongoing yoga practice and a healthier back.

- Susie Davis
Shanin's yoga classes are well planned and strategic.  She takes the time to think through specific poses for both her “gentle yoga” classes and her “yoga for resilience” classes. Whether you’re a yoga novice or an experienced practitioner, you will find her classes appropriate for all levels.  I highly recommend that you try  one of Shanin’s classes.  Not only is she organized and prepared, she’s funny, sweet and extremely engaging. 

- Luanne Nelson
Shanin' is one of those people who radiates joy and peace and inspires these things in those around her. I love going to her classes! She provides a safe and comforting environment for seasoned yogis and newbies alike. Shanin’ brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to each practice and I always leave the studio feeling better physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

- Danika
Shanin's approach to yoga is based in her beautiful heart. Her classes are inspiring and very useful to all who want a deeper connection with their bodies and mind. Her use of metaphors during class can make you laugh, or draw a better picture for you about how you should be engaging your body and breath on your mat. Any person who is curious about yoga, or who is the experienced yogi, can get something out of practicing with Shanin'.

- Robin Pippins
Shanin is an excellent instructor. She will help you improve your practice while ensuring you feel welcome as an individual and as a member of the yoga community.

- Nancy
Shanin is a delight. I love doing Yoga with her. She has a wonderful ability to meet people where they are, make you feel comfortable and help you meet your health goals.

- Tracy R.
I sustained an injury years ago that left me with chronic pain and stiffness.  I was told that yoga would help me, but every time I took a class, I felt like it did more harm than good.  And to be honest, I just really just didn’t like yoga. But then I met Shanin’.  Her welcoming spirit, together with her focus on gentle stretching and functional movement, have changed my life.  I’m now an ardent fan of Shanin’ and her gentle yoga class!

- Stephanie
I started my yoga with Shanin 2 weeks before my accident at home last year. After those 2 weeks it took me 6 months to recover and come back. I came back with hesitation of the possibility of feeling pain during the yoga poses but that never happened, Shanin always gave me options so that I could benefit from the poses without feeling any pain. That happened 7 1/2 months ago and I still enjoy and learn every time I go and my body feels much better now. By the way I am 67 years young and still active, working and studying.

- Mario A.
I am so happy I found Shanin’s gentle yoga class. Yoga has improved my mood and lessened my aches and pains, but Shanin’ is the magic ingredient! Not only are her cues specific and easy to follow, she is so good about giving modifications if there are moves you can’t do. She never makes you feel like an uncoordinated klutz either!

Not only that, but her approach to the class is so kind and welcoming. She is not a serious shaman with a gong and a crystal ball! She laughs, plays music, welcomes each person in class with a smile, and creates such an environment of kindness that the members of my class are warmer and friendlier too. I’m so lucky I limped into her class! I walked out calmer and feeling better than I had in months. Thank you, Shanin’!

- Rachel Hayes
Shanin’ has been my yoga teacher for about 2 years. I started her Gentle Yoga class to help with my chronic sciatica. I have found that her classes consistently provide a great mix of strength and flexibility which I have found helps with my sciatica. 

As for Shanin’ herself: she’s a jewel!  She is caring and concerned for each of her students. She’s funny and warm hearted. Taking her class not only makes my body feel better, but I feel better generally. 

- Sally Foshko
I count on Shanin's empathy and gentle yoga to start my week right. I go into her class on edge and stressed from work and walk out of her class relaxed and yawning. Two friends and I hire Shanin for a private class, and she tailors each session to our specific needs and limitations. I have become stronger and more flexible under her guidance.  I highly recommend Shanin to anyone wanting the physical and mental benefit of yoga. 

- Suzy M.
Year and a half ago I stepped into Shanin’s classroom for the first time and became hooked right away.  I was very lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful caring human being teaching that class.  There is a good reason her classes are always full because she teaches yoga with compassion and understanding and a sunny smile on her face.  She makes everyone welcome and comfortable.

- Triti A.
Shanin’s yoga is wonderful for me. Very positive, cheery to my soul. I love her skill in adapting poses to guide everyone to participate and expand flexibility. Great classes for all levels! She is wise! I truly look forward to each class. From Texas to Oklahoma or anywhere! Shanin’ has helped me survive and thrive through quarantine!

- Becky